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In today’s modern world there is an ever-increasing complexity of digital solutions. Both companies and customers demand omnichannel support, detailed customer interaction histories, and advanced integrations. With an extensive history in the field of contact centers and integration, we rise to the task. We help you realize efficient and intelligent solutions for your needs using both standard and custom developed products.

FROSTEQ is an IT business located in Uppsala, Sweden. We work as a partner and supplier of Genesys, with our focus being on Genesys Engage and Genesys Cloud, and are well-versed in these platforms. Our wide portfolio of experience includes deploying, configuring and custom integrating both smaller installations as well as multi-national sites. Additionally, we provide our own custom solutions on top of the existing platform for better manageability, insight, and added functionality at your disposal.

We believe that innovation, efficiency, and reliability are the key factors of success in the world of contact centers.


An initiative to enable easy deployment and highly customizable solutions with Genesys Engage

Delivered with pre-built modules for i.e. routing and agent provisioning. Every item within the application is customizable within the GUI itself.

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A survey solution based on standard Genesys components. Can be used both for voice and digital channels.

A simple and easy to use web GUI to configure the different surveys. The same configured survey may be used simultaneously for both voice and digital.


Attendant is an add-on to OperationHUB which has features for Absence management, Auto-attendant and much more.

Developed especially for the Nordic market where attendant services are usually very complex and feature-rich .

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